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Welcome to Carmelita's online portfolio!

Carmelita Elyse is the epitome of your modern day superwoman. Carmelita works as a nurse, and is also pursuing a career in medicine as a pre-med student. Her passion is natural medicine, and rightfully so. Natural medicine has saved her life on multiple occasions when conventional medicine failed. Carmelita went from crisis, hospitalization, and coma, to almost completely cured from Crohns Disease using natural and alternative medicine. The same perseverance, drive, and energy she put into finding a way to reverse her physical illness is the same drive and energy she puts into her modeling and acting career. Not only is Carmelita Elyse a health care professional and passionate about health but she is equally passionate about developing her creative side through modeling and acting. 

In February 2019 Carmelita began building her career as a model and actress.

Since then, Carmelita has walked in runway shows across the nation, played two lead female movie roles and has acted in two others. Carmelita has proven to have a natural talent for modeling, acting and the creative arts. She has shown excellent leadership and directing abilities in her work that have led to her success.

Ultimately, Carmelita works to complete medical school and hopes that her influence will shine light on the restorative benefits of natural and alternative medicine.

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Los Angeles, CA

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